Selma Porobić

PhD, Forced migration studies /Project Coordinator and Project Team Coordinator FWE/Lead organisation, BiH

Vladimir Petronijević

MA in Law/ Project Team Coordinator G484/ Partnering organisation, Serbia

Seb Bytyci

PhD Candidate Public Managment/Project Team Coordinator IPOL/Partnering organsiation, Kosovo


Dr. Selma Porobić, Project COORDINATOR, coordinates the three multidisciplinary research teams, in collaboration with the PROJECT TEAM COORDINATORS, overseeing, managing and reporting on the research activities in each country. She has developed the research design, methodologies, research objectives, outputs, work plan and activities of the project. Implementation of all project activities takes place in close cooperation and consultations with the project team coordinators in Serbia and Kosovo.

Dr. Stef Jansen, social anthropologist from The University of Manchester, acts as a SUPERVISOR and trainer for the ethnographic research stream on the project and has together with project coordinator developed the work plan and research activities for the ethnographic research strand.

Dr. Brad Blitz oversees the INSTITUTIONAL MENTORSHIP on the project, conucted by the Social Policy Research Centre, Middlesex University, UK. The mentorship programme involves joint workshops for researchers on the project and a number of mentoring activities focusing theoretic and methodological scientific training and exchange.


Each research team consists of:

  • 1 Project/Team Coordinator,
  • 5 researchers (both junior and senor researchers),
  • research assistants,
  • administrative and financial officers.



For FWE, Selma Porobić, is the Project Team Coordinator. Anela Hasangić is a principal investigator and a senior researcher on the psychometric study. She has been assisted by Šuajb Solaković, consultant on the statistical analysis. Senior researcher, Nina Bosankić is conducting a policy study and ethnographic research, assisted by Ivana Ljustina, research assistant on the ethnographic strand. Jagoda Petrović, is the principal investigator for the qualitative research strand, involving focus groups and interviews. She will undertake focus group research, while Selvira Draganović, senior researcher, will undertake interview data collection and analysis.

Supporting staff: Lejla Avdagic (administrative and financial officer) and Alen Vodopijevec (data archivist and webdesigner).

FWE Staff: Dubravka Kovačević (FWE director/ project manager) and Saida Gicić (FWE financial accountant officer).



For G484, Vladimir Petronijević, is the Project Team Coordinator. Maja Samokovlićis a Project assistant. Siniša Volarević, is the Senior researcher for psychometrics and methodology. Danica Ćirić, is the Senior researcher for focus group interviews. Ljiljana Đajić, will take a role of a Junior researcher for ethnographic research. Robert Kozma, in Political Sciences will act a Junior researcher - researcher assistant. Miroslava Jelačić, is the Legal and policy analyst.



For IPOL Seb Bytyci, is the Project Team Coordinator; Liridona Jemini, is a Senior researcher for psychometrics and methodology; Driton Jahmurataj, is a Senior researcher for focus group interviews; Liridona Ibrahimi is a Junior researcher for ethnographic research; Fitore Seferi, is a Junior researcher - researcher assistant; Remzije Istrefi, is a Legal and policy analyst; and Diell Haxhimusa, is a Project assistant.

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