The second workshop on the ethnogrpahic research stream was held in Belgrade, 12 and 13th of December and focused on the first hand analysis of the ethnographic data. It involved exchange of ethnogrpahic notes from the field work conducted in BiH and Serbia, which were earlier trascribed and commented by the supervisor Dr.Jansen, and incuded in the National Reports (frst draft) - commented and further discussed during this workshop. The workshop was centred on indentification of relevant analytic categories for each country, and providing of standards for the final draft of the National Reports.

The workshop was attended by Stefaan Jansen, Selma Porobić, Nina Bosankić, Ivana Ljuština Ljiljiana Đjajic and Siniša Volarević.

First Training Workshop was organised and implemented in Sarajevo on 27th of October 2015. It was prepared and led by Bojan Sosic, PI and senior researcher on the project (1.9.2014-1.1.2016), and gathered all the senior researchers on the project, except for the Kosovo representative, prevented to join us due to visa requirements for Kosovo citizens. Apart from the researchers, the workshop was attended by surveyors from Bosnia, who were instructed in survey taking - in this way setting the example and standards for the training of surveyors in the partnering teams in Serbia and Kosovo. The workshop focused on the quantitative data collection and preparations for fieldwork in the quantitative research part.

Ethnographic Training Workshop was held 9-11 September 2015 in Sarajevo. This workshop was organsed, led and implemented by Dr. Stef Jansen, supervisor on the ethnographic research stream. The workshop was preceded by mandatory training preparation phase, consisting of 3 supervised activities:

  • a) reports on reading of individual articles,
  • b) report on small ethnographic exercise and
  • c) draft Research Plan
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