Belgrade 9-10.2.2016, Hotel M

Programme Agenda

Workshop of data exchange and training in methods resulted in identification of:

  • status and work progress for each country individually and all teams jointly relating to the ongoing analysis of psychometric data;
  • appropriate analytical tool for advanced statistical analysis of data;
  • standardization of structure and things to do for the final report (country national study) across the teams and individually for the researchers involved. Delivery due for national reports is set by 1th of March first draft, and 15th of March second draft;
  • identification of draft structure for cross-case study study-research paper to be published (resultant from the national reports) and things to do in joint effort with prof. Blitz and institutional mentorship representatives from Middlesex University;
  • discussion of Focus Group data collection and Life History interviews (research strand that just commenced) with planning and organization of fieldwork and participant selection criteria;
  • confirmation and sharing of activates related to institutional mentorship exchange with researchers.



Available research resources