How do the experiences of war and forced migration affect the mental health and well-being of the displaced? This is one of the questions at the heart of a the research project ‘Engendering forced migration, socio-political transition and mental health in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo’ focusing on the nexus of forced migration, social transitioning and mental health in BiH, Serbia and Kosovo. Drawing upon the findings of a two year project including a team of 28 researchers, this conference examines gendered personal and social dimensions of stressful mobility patterns and health of internally displaced people, returnees and refugees, and their eventual integration in the post-conflict states in the former Yugoslavia.

The conference also includes the screening of a specially commissioned film, ‘War-shattered lives 20 years after – Bosnian Women telling stories of displacement and emplacement’ and concludes with a session asking how experiences of past displacement may inform contemporary initiatives aimed at protecting Syrian and other refugees stranded in the Western Balkans corridor today.


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